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    Placing an indl working with an indt



      I have to build an Indd document starting from an indt and a series of indl elements. The indt contains 2 pages in spread form and a series of single page Masters. My script open the indt, apply the choosen Masters to the spread, insert the indl elements and save the document as indd. I have the strange problem during the indl insertion: if the last modification to the indt was on a master then the indl asset is placed on the Master, istead if you do a simple click on the indt spread and then save it, in that case the indl asset is placed in the right page. It seems that the indt save the "focus" of last modification.

      I use :




      placeAsset can accept only Document or Text and not Page.

      The indt is continuously modified from operators , so I can't know where they do their "last click".

      I'm working with Indesign Server CS4 and Javascript.


      Thanks in advance