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    Preloaded FLV wont play twice

    Pewee2000 Level 1
      Im building a flash website using flash 8. I have created buttons that load external swf files into a movieclip with a preloader. These movieclips have there own preloader actionscript for loading an external flv using 'NetConnection', which is then past onto the preloader in the main window. Alpha is set to 0 until the swf and then the flv have successfully been loaded. The flv is also set to be paused until completely loaded. This all works perfectly.

      The problem I have is when I leave that page and return to it, the preloader jumps to 100% and doesnt play the flv. It could be that the flv is paused, even paused at the end. something is being skipped because it is already cached. I have tried tracing the status using the NetStream's 'onStatus' which reports 'NetStream.Play.Start' when I try to play for the second time.

      Any clues?