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    Sandcastle - .HHP Import

      I have been trialing RoboHelp for 25 days now and it has been working great. Everything so far has been working better that I expected. Only just recently I decided to try out Sandcastle. Sandcastle looks at the XML Comments of a project and generates a .hhp file (HTML Help Project)

      Since a .hhp would generate a .chm (Compressed HTMLHelp Metafile) this would require a full download of the .chm file everytime it is updated. I would really like to change this into a WebHelp format so that I may publish the help online. The issue comes at the import into RoboHelp.

      The HTML page displays correctly when used in the .chm as well as a stand alone page, but when i import this page into RoboHelp the display, controls, everythign is affected drastically. Here is a picture comparing the two files visually.


      I wish to know if it is possible to import the .hhp without lossing the usability and feel of the help file. Is this just an issue because it is a trial version over the full version. I am looking to purchase this software, and if i could get this to work correctly that would make the process even speedier.

      Here are sample files if you wish to test on your own.
      ( http://www.masteromok.com/omok-stuff/_TEMP_/robohelp/ )

      http://www.masteromok.com/omok-stuff/_TEMP_/robohelp/test.hhp (html pages, icon, etc in root folder)

      http://www.masteromok.com/omok-stuff/_TEMP_/robohelp/test.hhc (ToC)

      http://www.masteromok.com/omok-stuff/_TEMP_/robohelp/test.chm (Show what it looks like compiled)