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    Importing a Project into Eclipse

      Hi Folks,

      My collegue just zipped up a flex project and emailed it to me. I'm trying to get it set up in my own Eclipse/FlexBuilder, and could sure use a little guidance, since I'm new to all this.

      First, shall I create a new Eclipse workspace for this project?
      Then what? The File | Import function demands that I create a "New Project". But if I create a flex project, it creates a whole bunch of files that will just be over-written when I unzip the *real* project. Which will probably corrupt somebody's view of the project.
      If, instead, I create a new project, and Import into that, well, what sort of project should I create?
      And where do I point my workspace directory? Anywhere seems to do, but should it point to the place where I unzip the real project files?

      And finally, is there some documentation that covers these basic mechanics? This just seems far far far more complicated than it needs to be, and a simple explanation of how to set up new and exlisting Eclipse/Flex projects would be a great help.



      p.s. If anyone has a Team Server plugin for Eclipse, please let me know. That too would be a great help!
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          Create a new flex project and point the root folder for that project to your unzipped project`s folder.

          I'm not sure where to point you for documentation.
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            Wayne_1977 Level 1
            Thanks for the reply!

            I tried creating a New Flex Project, and pointing the root at my unzipped on-disk project. The directory I'm pointing it to contains a .project and a .flexProperties file, along with many others, and a bunch of subdirectories.

            When I click the "Validate" button, I get an error that says: Invalid root. A config file must exist in WEB-INF/flex.

            There is no WEB-INF directory. What am I doing wrong?

            Many thanks,

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              levancho Level 3
              Question 1) does your ziped project have .project file inside of it?

              1) if (Yes)
              you dont need to create new project
              open Eclipse click file -> Import ...
              in a dialog open Plus sign next to general and select "Existing projects into workspace". click next
              next window you need to browse to directory where you have unzipped your project (make sure you select directory that has .project file inside ) after clicking ok in browser dialog eclipse should recognize it as project and lastly you will see eclipse displays that as a project you can select , so select it and click finish , thats it all should be done.

              2) if your zipped project does not have .project file :
              before doing anything you need to analyze the directory structure, does it have WEB-INF in it does it have src etc , if you can at least shortly outline that directory structure it would be lot easier to tell you how to get it working.

              it look slike that you are trying to create non basic flex project?

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                Wayne_1977 Level 1
                Thanks levancho, option #1 worked for me. And yes, it was a non-basic project (data services).