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    Resize the .swf file

    Treccia Level 1

      I've finished my flash site using a resolution of 1024x768: my professor wasn't so happy of a resolution so "high" (even if today is something like standard) since somebody might still have an old monitor with low res.

      Since I really don't want to get a bad vote I wanted to change the resolution to 1000x550 because with that res a 1024x768 monitor still can see everything: then I've exported my .swf file and then into the .HTML file I've changed the width and height fields.


      Is this a "correct" operation? There could be any problem??

      All tips are welcome!

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Since the two sets of dimensions are not the same ratio, you will probably have visual issues, with things looking squashed, possibly making some text less legible.  You could also have a problem if your professor doesn't buy into this approach to a solution.

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            Treccia Level 1

            Then what I can do?? The only solutions I know is to resize the .swf like this or leave the resolution at 1024x768.

            Resize everything into the .fla file would be so boring...


            Edit: I've checked every text field and it looks good; everything is good so I didn't tought at a problem but you might be right: my professor could not enjoy my resize solution.

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              :::@::: Level 1

              Select everything on every layer and with the "edit multiple frames" option turned on, scale your content proportionately to 800x600. Don't forget to select everything on the scene before scaling, just checking "edit multiple frames" wouldn't be enough







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