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    Never RENDERING-Story


      I have a problem when rendering my AVCHD material (Panasonic hdc hs 700). I have a clip....approx. two minutes long.

      I added a Magic Bullet Look preset, not more. When I hit enter to render the clip.......it takes about 35minutes to render that clip!

      When I look at the task manager it shows that the CPU is working on 90% and the RAM usage is not more than 4GB, although I  set Premiere's settings to use 6G out of 8G and leave 2G for other apps. Why isn't Premiere using the 6G it's supposed to???

      My system setup:


      Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550, 2,83 GHz/2,83GHz
      Vista Home Premium 64-bit(all updates)
      8GB Ram
      GTX 470 GPU
      CS5 Production Premium (all updates)
      2x WDC (caviar Black) 750GB (7200rpm)
      2x Samsung HD103SJ (7200rpm)

      C: OS and Programs
      D: Previews and Exports
      E: Pagefile (set to 8000-12000MB) and Media Cache
      F: Media and Projects

      In my memory prefs it shows:
      Installed RAM: 8GB
      RAM reserved for other apps: 6GB (tried also with 2GB and 4GB)
      RAM available for PR: 2 GB (also tried to set it higher)
      and optimized rendering for: Memory


      I hope anyone can help!!!