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    Tab order with components

    quoc_thai Level 1

      Hi all,


           I have one checkbox and four textinput and I assume that textinputs have id is t_A, t_B, t_C and t_D.


           + When checkbox unselected , only three textinpu visible with order is:


               t_A ,      t_B ,      t_C


                and I can use Tab keyboard to tab with order is: t_A --> t_B --> t_C.


           + When checkbox selected, four textinput visible :


                 t_A ,      t_B ,     t_D,       t_C


                but when I used Tab keyboard, it is: t_A --> t_B --> t_C --> t_D. --> How I can make order is:  t_A --> t_B --> t_D--> t_C ??