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    HD editing using dv avi share


      My query concerns the editing of HD clips into short video chapters of approximately 10 min and bringing these together to form a complete 40 or 50 min video for burning to blu ray. Is this practise possible using PRE 7? I am accustomed to using this method in SD with satisfactory results but am not certain it will work with HD as the 'Share dv avi' seems to only create a 720 x 576 frame. The program seems to call for this method ie. "For later editing in Premier Elements" but should I be creating other files with true HD quality so that the final product is all HD. I will of course still want to burn SD video for distribution to friends and family. I wish the program was aimed more at HD editing as all the newest cameras now produce this quality but the software does not seem to reflect this trend. Thanks for the very fine tips and tricks. I have learnt much about the program and setting up my system with disks and updates.The update to my graphics driver has particularly made a difference to the reliability of the software.