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    PDF Generator ES2 unstable performance issues


      Hi there,


      I have installed an PDF Generator ES2 on a Weblogic Server within a Windows 2008 R2 64Bit Virtual Machine.

      The Machine has a 3Ghz Single Core CPU and 4GB of Ram.


      After installing the PDF Generator ES2 I tried to install a Watched Folder Service.


      Generally the Watched Folder Service does render the documents as it should, but the generate process seems to be very slow and unstable.

      So I have render times between 16 and 45 seconds on a 2mb sample docx (pictures, tables, etc. inside) document converting to 300dpi standard PDF (PDFA1b 2005 standard).


      While rendering the renderer seems to use nearly 100% of the cpu.


      Is there any hint where to start analysing and then optimizing such an issue?

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          stefaan vervoort



          We have the same issue with generating PDF files.

          The process is very slow and unstable

          we have also conversion times between 5 and 50 seconds for simple doc files.

          I use the launchpad application or a livecycle process to start the conversion.


          The first time we convert a file, it takes for example 25 seconds.

          If we convert the same file directly after the first one, it takes only 12 seconds


          If we wait for longer period (1 - 2 minutes) between the two conversions, its again 25 seconds.



          Server configuration:


          Windows Server 2008 R1 SP2 64bit Virtual server

          4 GB RAM

          2 CPU 2,4 GHz