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    cfprint: network printers

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      Good morning all,


      I've seen a few write ups on this topic but, none were very descriptive. Here's my issue:


      1. my app generates lot numbers for parts built.

      2. the user(s) prints to a network printer (Zebra ZM400) label size 2" X 0.5".

      3. the data should go to printer - query.LotNumber, query.PartNumber, copies="#query.Quantity#"


      CFadmin does not recognize network printers and is there an example of cfprint with cfreport out there somewhere.

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          ilssac Level 5

          djkhalif wrote:

          CFadmin does not recognize network printers


          It will, if you configure your server to recognize network resources.


          Most likey we are talking about a Windows system, I presume.  By defaul, a ColdFusion service runs under the "LocalSystem" account which has not permissions to network resources.  One just needs to configure the ColdFusion service in the Windows service panal to "Log On As" a domain user and make sure that domain user is configured with permissions to the desired network resources such as this printer.


          It is better to create a domain user specifically for the ColdFusion service rather than use any human's account.




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            djkhalif Level 1



            I will give this a shot then reply.





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              tclaremont Level 2

              Your life will me made simpler when you realize that CF is a server side technology. It sees everything from the point of view of the server, including the network itself and the printers and other resources on the network. If the login used to start the ColdFusion service (control panel... services) does not have permissions to resources on the network, then neither will your CF applications.


              Lots of people starting out with CF have a hard time getting their head wrapped around this one, and cannot figure out why they can't send a print job to whatever printer is connected to the client's computer.

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