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    Cancelled Requests not cancelling

      Using CF7, IIS, Oracle 10g2, and ODBC, it seems that requests made to CF are not cancelled when the user cancels their http request.

      So, a user clicks a link within our site. The resulting page contains a slowly executing bit of code. The user then clicks a different link because the request they made has not returned within their threshold of patience. At this point the user has created a request, cancelled that request, and made a new request. But, the cancelled request continues to process in CF.

      This continuing process is a problem for us when a user refreshes the page multiple times initiating the same long running request.

      Is there a setting in CF or some method for cancelling these requests when the client browser cancels their request?
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          Dan Bracuk Level 5
          You can't stop cf from finishing what it started. There are ways to dissuade the user from continually making the same request. None of them can defeat someone who wants to do it on purpose, but they include:

          intermediate pages
          using js to disable form submit buttons.
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            adampbragg Level 1
            Hey Dan,

            Thank you for your quick reply.

            Delving into my rudimentary knowledge of http requests, I could not remember if when a user executes a new request while waiting for a previous request if the browser actually sent an abort() command to the webserver. According to your answer and my quick search of http request types, it appears that no such abort() command is made. So, CF has no way of knowing the request has been cancelled.

            Is this correct?