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    Script to Please Translators (INDD CS4)

    ryan.kiefer Level 1

      As a part of my company's translation process, we must remove the DRAFT watermark layer so that it doesn't get picked up and fussed with by the software that automatically pulls all text and images out of the indesign file.


      Our documents can go through as many as a dozen updates before the product to which they refer is obsoleted, and we don't like having to recreate the Watermark layer each time we revise, so what we've been doing is this:


      1. Delete offending Watermark Layer
      2. Save the file
      3. Package the file with links and all that goodness
      4. Undo the Delete Layer command
      5. Save again.


      I know this could probably be all done by scripting, but I've never written any scripting programs, and neither have my fellow writers.


      Can anyone help me? Someone on here already banged up a good one for me that helps with Exporting with certain presets. I'm actually taking a class right now that is a prerequisite to learning Java, so I hope to be able to get on here in the future and help others out, but for now, I'm shamelessly mooching and hoping for the help of some good-hearted strangers.



      Ryan Kiefer