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    DW CS4 cannot embed mp3 files


      Windows 7.  IE 8,  Firefox 3.6.8, Chrome

      I want to embed mp3 files in my web pages. I go to Insert/Media/Plugin and select an mp3 files from the box that appears. The placeholder for the player appears on the appropriate spot on the page. I highlight the placeholder and click on the Play button in property inspector. An error message then appears saying "Unable to find the plugin that handles this media type. Dreamweaver looks in both the Configurations/Plugin folder and the plugin folder for each of your installed browsers". The Config/Plugin folder contains NPSWF32.dll and UnsupportedPlugins.txt (contains npdsplay.dll nppdf.dll). Also when I go to Live view there is a blank space where the player should be. I do not have any problems playing mp3 files with WMP, Real audio or Quicktime which are all installed on my computer.

      What must I do?