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    Simple question about 64 vr 32 bit in Flash Professional

    INVT Level 1

      I am about to move my systems to 64 bit and upgrade three suites to full Master Collections because of the Premier Pro and After Effects 64Bit support.


      I have read that the Flash plugin does not work on 64 bit browsers but if I use a 32 bit browser (which windows provides) on a 64Bit OS it will work fine in that 32 bit browser.

      When I install the Flash professional CS5 software on my 64Bit system will it have issues when I test using the plugin with in Flash Professional or will I have to always test useing the 32 Bit browser? if yes...



      Correct me if I am worng when I use the main menu control, test movie , Flash Pro. app uses the flash plugin to test .swf moves right?


      How will I utilize the simulated download settings and simulated download which is part of the plugin and it cannot operate in a 64 bit OS environment?


      64 Bit challenged....