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    Project won't open in RH8 - Other projects open fine


      I am using RH HTML 8.02.208, running on Windows XP Professional,  I have a project I am unable to open.  I am working on my local machine. When I attempt to open this project, RH opens, then stops at, "Loading TOC."  My two co-workers are able to open this project without any problems (we zip the file back to the network after working with it).  I am able to open other projects on my local machine without any problems - this one is the only problem.  I have scoured the forums and tried the usual tricks:  Renaming the .cpd file, deleting the .cpd file, opening with .hhk file, etc.  Does anyone have any inkling as to why I cannot open this project, but my co-workers can, and I am also able to work with other projects without problems?  I would appreciate any direction from the forum.  Thanks!