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    flash cs5 cs3 compatibility

    harvey goldman



      i am at school that requires student to purchase the Current adobe CS suite when they enter as freshman.


      we now have CS5 in our labs. Students cannot figure a way to get there CS5 files into CS3.


      is this possible?





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          INVT Level 1

          Check to see what each program has an optioon for in the save as dialgue box.


          E.I. Flash CS4 can save as CS3 and CS3 can Save as CS2 and as well Illustrator can do the same same but in a borader spectrum even sa low as AI 9.


          My suggestion would be to make native files of each in CS5 app and test then go back to CS 5 and try all of the save as opitons using the legacy options. I can probably say Phtooshop, and Illustrator will not be so hard but Flash, Encore, Premier, After Effects, etc., will be shoot and miss especially since you are going from CS5 all the way down to CS3.


          I ebleiev Phtooshop is the only one that can do it if you sue the most campatable opitons check bix when saving a .PSD file.


          Remmebr as a strudent even though you get a great deal when you buy a student version of the suite you can never upgrade those licenses. SO you arn't really getting a deal you will eventallu pay for a full suite amdprobab;y more if you keep buyion student versions.


          Buy full versions and never look back. Upgrade costs for full licenses are just as much as buying a new student version every new release. I tell students all teh time by a full version and be ready once you graduate.

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            harvey goldman Level 1

            thanks invt



            the problems we are encountering are with flash, indesign and dreamweaver....


            real hassle.


            no save options appear to get from cs5 to cs3..

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              INVT Level 1

              DreamWvr for sure will not be able to go backwards. Because of forward thinking in web development standards with xthml, css, java, etc etc are always, changing, getting better, so standards will be updated or added to DW.


              I believe InDesign CS4 can only go back to CS3.


              I am surprised the College cut you guys off like that and didn't leave a few legacy systems loaded.


              Adobe should really consider a better license than the one they have for students. My nephew went through the same thing.


              Good luck!