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    Plus/Minus Squares in .chm file


      Hi Everyone...


      Two questions, thanks in advance for the help.  FYI:  Using RoboHelp HTML, ver 8 with a project that has multiple folders and topics; also using it in a shared environment with multiple users, using RoboSource for version control.


      1.  Any ideas as to how I can enable the "Plus/Minus Squares" option in HTML Help - Advanced Settings?  I want to generate a .chm file that has the plus and minus signs next to the book icons.  I found the settings in the HTML Help Options - Microsoft HTML Help but they're grayed out.  Trying to figure out how I can enable them so I can generate the .chm with the signs in help file output.


      2.  I have two topics that "disappear" everytime I go out of RoboHelp and come back in.  I need to import them each time I open the project.  I can see them in RoboSource.  I can't find any way to unhide them -- I swear there was a way to just "unhide" them from RoboSource that I've used in the past but can't remember how I did it (senior moment, that won't end....).