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    FLEX Calendar color coding selected days

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      I am trying to find a way to use multi-selection/color coding of dates selected in a FLEX Calendar control.

      I have looked at the example here and it is very close to what I need: http://flexmonkey.blogspot.com/2010/06/displaying-color-coded-events-in-flex.html


      My problem is that I am having a hard time removing the Popup (from the example) as I do not need a popup window to select the color. What I am hoping to do is pre-define the color, and change the current  date/day/cell selection's color based on user mouse event (click). When a  user clicks on a day, I want to set it's color.


      I noticed the DatePicker control has a nice and friendly "todayColor"  property which is similar to what I need but not useful for my  situation. I need more of "selectedDayColor" property for the Calendar  control.


      Any idea how to approach that functionality without re-inventing the wheel?