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    CS4 Crashes when copying effects


      Every once in a while, AE CS4 crashes when I attempt to copy one or more effects from a composition. It's unpredictable, it works fine 10-20 times, then crashes. It happens whether I use the keyboard shortcut or the edit menu. It's happened 15 times in the last few days (I'm color grading a feature film), and despite my best efforts, I've found no solution to this rather annoying problem. Fortunately I haven't lost any progress, as it successfully saves during crash, but the long time it takes to reopen the project is seriously slowing down my work, and I have a deadline approaching fast.


      CS4 Master Collection

      Windows 7 Home Edition x64

      12GB ram

      Core i7 980x Extreme


      An error message appears, I think it usually says something about ae.blitpipe being the last thing sent. I've tried it in numerous compatibility modes, some seem to work better than others, but they all eventually crash.


      Let me know what additional information you need to help me work through this problem, it's making my job very frustrating.