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    CFGRID with expand/collapse of child data on CF 8

    Coos Level 1
      I am looking to implement a combination of a CFGRID that contains a CFTREE for a financial reporting system. Here the requirements:

      -For each row in the grid, I will need to have a +- that allows it call out to the server via ajax to get the child data rows for that particular row. I have this parent-child relationship working using CFTREE but as far as I know, it doesn't support multiple columns of data. An example of something similar to what I need can be found here: http://extjs.com/playpen/ext-2.0/examples/grid/grid3.html
      I beleive the Ext JS library is used in CF to build the data grid. The only issue with the GridView3 and my requirements is that the child information is already pre-loaded into the grid and it doesn't contain columns like the parent does.

      -Both the parent row and the child row will have about 3-5 of the same columns.
      -The columns do not need to be sortable, but it would be nice.

      Does anyone have any suggestions or code examples?

      I just started playing around with the CFGRID/TREE last night. One idea would be to not use CFGRID and instead place multiple CFTREEs side be side where each one represents a column. Clicking the + in first CFTREE both shows the child records and calls the other cftrees do the same thing.