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    How to read forward slash from xml file

    flexchief Level 1



      I am reading in values from a complex xml file but am unable to read values that contain a forward slash ('/').


      For example: <key>Year</key><integer>2004</integer> can not be read because of these slashes?


      Can anyone please tell me how to read these values as strings?






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          Balakrishnan V Level 3

          XML::toString() and XML::toXMLString() methods return a string.






          These methods can be applied on strings to find location of '/'



          However your problem seems to be that of accessing the values "Year" and "2004".


          To do this, you can use e4x to access fields.


          var xml:XML= <XML><key>Year</key><integer>2004</integer></XML>


          use xml.key and xml.integer to access the fields


          Hope this helps


          balakrishnan v