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    FLVPlayback custom skins broken?


      I am trying to set a custom skin URL on an FLVPlayback object.


      The object is on the stage named vid.


      When I have the following code:
        vid.skin = 'http://domain.com/valid.swf';


      I get the following error when debugging in the CS5 IDE:


        Error #1014: Class fl.video::UIManager could not be found


      When publishing the file to an SWF it "dies" (it stops video playback) at exactly the same point.  There is no error message or other indication of what happens in the browser.  The flash still seems to work, it responds to ExternalInterface events.  It just refuses to play the video.


      I'm using FLVPlayback with Flash Pro on Win7 64-bit.


      How do I fix this?  If I comment out the video.skin assignment then the video plays great (except there are no play/pause controls).  But when I try to set it I get this internal Flash error.


      Incidentally if I assign vid.skin = 'invalid/url' then it doesn't die, instead it gives me a warning that the skin cannot be found.


      The valid.swf url is a copy of the MinimaFlatCustomPlayBackSeekCounterVolMuteFull.swf skin that comes with CS5.


      Furthermore if I make the URL local to my system (file:///C|blah/blah/valid.swf) then it works great.  Only when I try to load this from a remote URL do I see this error about missing UIManager.