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    Premiere CS5 loses video reference when playing into an XDcam deck

    elrogg Level 1

      I have CS5 on a new Toshiba Qosimo Computer with a NVIDIA GeForce 360m Card with 1 GB of ram.  I am trying to play out a standard def NTSC 16:9 timeline and record it in an XDCam deck.  If the clip is longer than 12 minutes the deck reports reference errors (at random points some before 12 minutes) and the record goes to black for a few seconds.


      I submitted this to Adobe, which at one time had great customer technical support but unfortunately all I got back this time was someone named Indronil who said the following:  I would like to inform that GFORCE GTS 360M graphics card is not in the support list of Adobe Premiere Pro cs5 & its not compatible with Adobe Premiere pro cs5 due to which its not working properly ,therefore we will not be able to support un-supported products and have to withdraw the case. 


           From that cryptic and grammatically twisted sentence I take it that the graphics card is not one of only about ten listed by Adobe and Indronil is guessing it is not working properly or I would not be having a problem.   I also take it that Adobe has completely punted on customer service.  Pity. They once were so good. 


           So the card is probably working properly or else I wouldn't be able to play out anything of any length.  So seeing as we are all on our own now, I would greatly appreciate any ideas on what could be the cause of this problem.