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    Autofill dates


      I am creating a form where I would like a section to autofill with dates.

      I would like for the people who will be using this form to put a date into

      one box and the next seven date automatically appear in the next seven boxes.

      Example: (information is entered into box 1 and boxes 2-8 autofill)

      Box 1: 09/13/10


      Box 2: 09/14/10

      Box 3: 09/15/10

      Box 4: 09/16/10

      Box 5: 09/17/10

      Box 6: 09/18/10

      Box 7: 09/19/10

      Box 8: 09/20/10

      Box 9: 09/21/10


      I have tried using FormCalc to acheive this but I have not yet succeeded. Could someone help me? Any ideas are appriciated. Thanks!