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    Mac - PDFs won't open in Safari

    jayssssatl Level 1

      My employer uses a system that uses online PDF forms.  It's not working on my system.  Running MacOS 10.6.4, Safari 5.0.1 (6533.17.8), and Adobe Reader 9.3.4.  I have removed Adobe Reader app, including the plugin in /Library/Internet Plug-Ins, and re-installed Reader.  When I click on a pdf in the browser, it just downloads, and does not open in the browser.  How can this be resolved?

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          stevenjklein Level 1

          In Snow Leopard, Safari is a 64-bit application.  But Adobe hasn't updated their plugin to run in 64-bit mode; that's why it's not loading in Safari.


          But you can force Safari to run in 32-mode, and then the Adobe plugin works as expected.


          Here's how:


          To do this,


          1. In the Finder go to your Applications folder, select Safari and do File->Get Info
          2. Check 'Open in 32-bit mode' in the General pane of that dialog, then close the "Safari Info" window.
          3. Relaunch Safari

          Now the Acrobat plugin will work as expected.
          There is one downside to this: When running in 64-bit mode, if a buggy plugin (like Flash) crashes, Safari itself keeps running.  But in 32-bit mode, if a buggy plugin causes a crash, Safari itself will crash.
          The real fix is for Adobe to update the plugin to run in 64-bit mode, since Snow Leopard has been out for over a year already!