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    Prel 7 Fatal Error on burning

    Canada Gold

      I get a 'fatal error' message when trying to burn my project to the blu-ray drive.

      The process stops. No information as to what the problem is.


      The file size is 757MB.

      When I start the burn process, Prel 7 succesfully encodes and compiles the media,

      but when the 'burn' cycle starts, it quits.


      Strangely, it did burn another project two weeks ago, again to the blu-ray burner.

      That one was 2.2GB in size.


      Here's my computer specs:

      Windows 7 64 bit

      Intel i7 quad processor 2.8GHz

      8 Gb RAM

      1 TB Hard drive


      The Blu-ray rewriter is LG BH10LS30. I just spoke to LG and they said the burner firmware is up to date.


      My computer is new, and should have enough processor speed and memory for this.

      I'm wondering if there has been a Windows Update in the last couple of weeks that is affecting the burner.


      But it's frustrating to get a 'fatal error' message from Prel 7 that doesn't tell you where to start fixing.


      Help much appreciated.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          The best way to figure out what's going on with a DVD or BluRay burn is to break the process down to individual steps.


          If you'll work through the troubleshooting steps in our FAQS and then report your results IN AS MUCH DETAIL AS POSSIBLE we'll more likely be able to diagnose your problem and recommend solutions.


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            Canada Gold Level 1

            Thanks, Steve.


            I'll go through those steps and report back.


            But if I save my project to an .AVI file will this not reduce the HD quality to standard video?


            By the way, I went back and burned the 2,2GB project again in Prel 7. With no problem.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              For an HD Project, doing an Export to the SD DV-AVI will reduce it to 720 x 480, which is not what you would want, if you plan on doing a BD Project.


              However, to test the elements, you might want to try a few different workflows, to rule out certain elements, and problems.


              One thing that might be helpful would be the tips in this ARTICLE, prior to an editing, or authoring session.


              Good luck,



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                Canada Gold Level 1

                OK I have followed the steps suggested by Steve.


                I successfully exported the project using File>Export>Movie and it only gave me the option to save it as an .mpeg.

                Which it did. File size 1.09GB.


                I then went back into Prel 7 and opened a new project called Test, and brought in the newly created .mpeg file on to the Timeline.

                It previewed fine in the Disc Menus area.


                Then I went to burn it to blu-ray and got the same result as before. Prel 7 encodes the data, complies the data, then crashes immediately on burn, giving me the inscrutable 'fata error' message without explanation.


                Just before this, Prel 7 had successfully burned a video of 2.2GB to blu-ray. So I know it's not a fault in the burner drive, or a communications problem between Prel 7 and the burner drive.


                I can only assume it's something in the project itself.


                There are no photos in it at all. Just 5 mins of HD video and a soundtrack imported from Smartsound. In a couple of places I have used the Line Drawing Effect on clips, but apart from that I just used Cross Dissolve transitions between clips. As I mentioned, the total file size is 757MB - one third the size of a project it will burn easily!


                Any clues?



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                  nealeh Level 5

                  Use Share> Personal Computer> DV-AVI to output the file. Then repeat your test in a new project using the DV Standard 48KHz preset.


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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                    The problem is clearly occurring at your burner -- so I'm glad to hear you updated your burner's drivers. Unfortunately, something is still going wrong in that final stage.


                    We did establish that you have plenty of free space on your C drive, that you've cleared off your temp files and freshly defragged your drive, right?


                    And you have ensured that you're using a blank BluRay disc and that it's compatiible with your BluRay burner, right?


                    What other DVD or BluRay software is on your computer? Nero? It could be that it is interferring in the process.

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                      Canada Gold Level 1

                      Hi, sorry I've been away. My day job is interfering with video editing!


                      To answer Steve's questions - yes, I have defragged the hard drive, and I have about 800GB of free space on it, and yes I am using blank non-rewritable blu-ray disks (Verbatim) recommended by LG, the burner manufacturer. As I mentioned, I have now twice successfully burned a Prel 7 project (the same one twice at 2.2GB size) so I'm not sure why there would be a problem at the burner.


                      I DO have Nero installed. I could remove it and try again - but why would that not have prevented the other project from completing successfully?


                      It might just have been a faulty disk, but I've tried several from the same batch with the same 'fatal error' result. And, as I say, there was no trouble with the first project on the same disks.


                      I can't see it being the burner. One thing I could try is to progressively remove some features from my project (transitions, effects, sound etc) and try burning each time to see if it will work without one or another element in the movie.


                      It would really help if Prel 7 gave me a clue to the reason instead of the unhelpful error message.


                      Thanks again for any further suggestions.

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                        nealeh Level 5

                        I suggest you use a Re-writable Blu-Ray disk to save on expensive 'coasters'. Or invest in a virtual Blu-Ray burner. This will allow allow you to burn a 'Blu Ray' to folder that can then be tested in a software BR player and written to a BR disk with your preferred BR capable software. Check out Virtual drive.




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