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    mx:TextInput disabled in Flex 4

    mitchgrrt Level 1

      We have a big application that was written in Flex 3 and is being ported to Flex 4. Our plan is to keep using the mx: components for existing code and gradually start using the spark: components for new code. 

      On the login screen we have

           <mx:TextInput id="userName">

      When running in Flex 4 we can see the input, but can't type in it. It behaves
      as if it were disabled.

      When I look in the debugger the userName.enabled == true and
      userName.textField.enabled == true. But it's behaving as if it were disabled.


      On this page:


      I saw what looked promising and tried setting

      Project > Properties > Flex Compiler > Use Flash Text Engine in MX Components


      ... but it still didn't work.  The TextInput still acts disabled.  Has anyone else run into this problem?  Thanks.