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    Simple CRUD operations with SQL Server/ColdFusion


      I'm just learning FlashBuilder (also do Delphi and VS development) and have followed as many tutorials (both videos and written) as I can. My eyes are bleary.


      The problem I am running into (which is really basic) is: I try to emulate the CRUD operations as shown in the "Flex in an Hour" tutorial, with MY database in place of Employees. However, MY database consists of NUMBERS as well as text data. When I create the Details add form the string fields are blank, fine, but the numeric fields contain "NaN" (not a number, I know). However, a nice, well-behaved, simple CRUD app on a single table shouldn't show "NaN", shouldn't even show 0, for new numeric fields, they should be blank. For the LIFE of me I can't dig out a way to "intercept" the data, before it's put in the form, and display blanks instead of NaN. I can get everything to work if I neatly type over NaN with numbers, but am at a loss as to how to go further.


      I've looked at all the tutorials I can and have failed to find a single one that walks me through CRUD on a table with NUMERIC fields. I've heard talk of "getters" and "setters" as a way to intercept the data, but can't find either a reasonably clear explanation in the docs or a straightforward, relevant, tutorial.


      Just, please, POINT ME IN THE DIRECTION of information about how to set up a nice add form with blanks for the new record and I promise I'll read, study and do everything I can to get this working.


      Thanks in advance.