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    Adobe Media Encoder and X264


      Is it possible to encode using the x264 codec instead of the mainconcept codec?'



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          dradeke Adobe Employee

          In theory, Premiere Pro will see any codec on the system.  So, if you have it on the OS, you should be able to get at




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            nyumeddei Level 1

            I cannot see in media encoder where the choice is for X264 when encoding H.264 though.



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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              I am only familiar with x264 as a codec to be installed in the QuickTime system. So, when you choose to export a QuickTime movie, you can choose x264 as the compressor within the QuickTime UI (or from the Video Codec menu in the Premiere Pro or Adobe Media Encoder UI).


              So, you wouldn't see x264 as an option when you choose H.264 as your output type.

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                nyumeddei Level 1

                great, thanks! forgot you can still do a quicktime movie. the adobe preset for h264 is usually all i need, but this is for comparison purposes.

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                  Colin Brougham Level 6

                  Are you using a PC or Mac? You can get x264 installed, but remember there are a few prerequisites and considerations:


                  1. It needs to be 64-bit (unless it's a Quicktime implementation, as Todd mentioned, but those are only available for Mac as far as I can tell).
                  2. It needs to be a VfW (Video for Windows) implementation; a command-line interface encoder isn't going to work.
                  3. You will probably need to encode audio separately, and mux externally if you want to use an MP4 (or other) container.


                  You can get a 64-bit VfW x264 encoder here; when installed, you need to select Microsoft AVI as the format (again, assuming you're talking about PC/Windows). This forces you to use an AVI container and uncompressed PCM audio, which is far from ideal. Also, it's a little weird trying to do multipass exports, which are automatic when you use any sort of 2-pass encoding from AME, but since x264 requires you to do one or more passes which write information into a stats file, you actually have to do the encode multiple times.


                  That all said--I couldn't get a decent export out of Premiere using this encoder. It looked FAR better than the Mainconcept encoder, but it jumped and stuttered and displayed other weird anamolies on playback. I might do some more testing, but I'm not holding out much hope.


                  Ultimately, you might be better off exporting an uncompressed or losslessly compressed intermediate (Lagarith, for example) and then using one of the many freely-available encoding tools that use x264 for H.264 encoding. I've used MeGUI in the past, with great results. It takes a little bit of squirreling around to get exactly what you need--for example, some knowledge of VirtualDub is required--but once you figure out the bells and whistles, it creates some amazing looking encodes. It definitely trumps the encoding available from AME, and I'm ready to go back to it from Sorenson Squeeze, which is big expensive crashy bloathog.


                  In the end, there are no hard-and-fast rules to encoding for the web; much experiementation is required. Good luck!

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                    nyumeddei Level 1

                    Currently i am using a mac, but knowing this for pc is very helpful as well. I plan on doing this using handbrake which allows you to use x264. Rendering in a lossless codec first  may be the way to go. I notice those glitches and hangups as well when rendering directly from a sequence into x264 using AE. Thanks for the advice!

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                      Colin Brougham Level 6

                      I can't test this out, as I don't have Mac, but there is an x264 QuickTime encoder available, which looks to be fairly recently updated: x264 QuickTime Codec (Mac). No idea how well it works, though I did find this article from Jan Ozer talking about it and singing its praises: If you're encoding in QuickTime/Compressor, you gotta checkout x264


                      Handbrake should open up many more options, as would MeGUI, and since you're already familiar with the intermediate workflow you know how that works.