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    Audio Mix Different On DVD


      Hi all. I'm using Premier Elements V 8.0.1.  I've adjusted the "rubber bands" on my audio tracks till I get what I think is a good mix.  After I burn the DVD and play it back on the same speakers I'm using when I was adjusting the "rubber bands", some of the mix is quite different - some audio clips on the DVD are too loud, other audio clips on the DVD are not loud enough.  Any ideas what I'm doing that would cause this?  I'm using Windows DVD Maker to burn the DVD.


      Thank you.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          To test the settings of the Audio Volume adjustments, the rubberbands, open up the Audio Mixer and both watch the Levels, and also listen carefully.


          There is no reason for your adjustments to "not take."


          I prefer to do all of my editing, and as the last step, use the Audio Mixer to make the fine adjustments to the Audio Track, prior to Export/Share/Burn DVD. However, this applies Keyframes to the Audio Track (not the Clips on that Track), so if you do this, you will want to do it, after the other editing is done and approved.


          I also strongly recommend that one edit Audio with good, noise canceling headphones, to get a real sense of the sound.


          One last consideration is that the playback settings for one's system, in say a DVD playback program, might well be different than those in PrE, so Levels might well seem different, but they settings should not "swap places." It might just sound different.


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            Thanks for the prompt reply! I'll check out your suggestions.


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