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    Document "tiles" into lower right corner when opened


      If this is a duplicate post, I apologize . . .I've not read all the posts in the forum, but I'm in a time crunch. 


      My document looks as though it will open normally, page comes up normally, and then it "tiles" down so that upper left corner of the page is in the lower right corner.  You can literally watch the page step down from a full page until only about a 1" x 2.5" section is visible.  It only prints that lower right corner, and that's all that is viewable.  Also, even though the document is multiple pages, it only shows what appears to be the last page, and says the document is "1 of 1 pages"  When it "tiles" down, it appears that there are multiple pages behind the page shown, but we cannot get to them.  I've tried opening it in Adobe 9.3 and Adobe 7.  I'm not a whiz at Adobe, but this is the first time I've seen this.  Any ideas??  Thanks in advance.