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    CS5 renders 24p HDV as alternating lines?

    Christopher D. Level 1

      I'm having issues rendering HDV 1080p24 sequences containing Sony V1U 1080i 24pSCNA footage. If I render a timeline preview or render out a sequence through Adobe Media Encoder the rendered footage looks pixelated as contrasting detail flickers/shimmers. It looks exactly like Premiere Pro is rendering each frame by alternating between fields. I have tried turning on Maximum Render Quality and Maximum Bit Depth in both the sequences and Adobe Media Encoder, as well as changing the 24p Conversion Method in Playback Settings, to no avail.


      The original footage Premiere captured from tape looks perfectly fine when played back in a third-party media player. Aside from some tearing on movement it also looks fine played back in Premiere using the Mercury engine accelerated by an NVIDIA GTX 470. The issue only occurs when a preview is rendered or the sequence is rendered out through AME (even when previews have not been generated or used for AME's rendering).


      I've checked the interpret footage dialog, but there doesn't appear to be any useful options. Changing the footage's framerate to 23.976 merely slows down the footage, so PPro must be performing reverse pulldown on the fly in the sequence.