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    Ruler marks are off 1/16" when I print... need help.

    Steven Schreiner Level 1

      I am using PageMaker 7 on a Dell 8300 running Windows XP.

      I am printing on two printers:

      HP Photosmart 5580

      HP Color Laserjet 2550n


      I am attempting to make booklets in PageMaker and print them on my Laser printer.

      When I make a booklet it is on 8 1/2" X 11" standard letter stock. I split the page in half to print landscape, making the booklet 5 1/2" X 8 1/2".

      When I line up my master pages, I put a guide at the halfway mark on the ruler (5 1/2") and draw a black line there (using snap to ruler), so that when I print out the pages, I have a mark for cutting my page in half.


      Here is my problem: When I print on the laser printer, my center mark is 1/16" off to the left, so when I cut, the pages are not equal.

      When I print the same page on the inkjet, the marks are fine... dead center.

      BUT... I print my covers on a different program, Freehand MX. Same center dividers with the program's rulers. When I print the covers on either printer, they come out fine.


      It is only the PageMaker file printed on the laserjet that is off. So, I believe my problem is with the program and not with the printer. I really need these pages to allign up right according to the ruler marks.


      I would be extremely grateful fo any help anyone could offer.


      Thank you,