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    premiere cs5 and message "not responding"


      I Have a brand new i7 system with windows 7 64bit, 6Gb ram, gtx 280 graphic card, one ssd disk 128 gb (main)

      and two hard disk 2 TB as raid, proper for video editing (sata II, 7200rpm), i use intensity pro as outpout card.

      I am trying to edit with premiere cs5 and I use few AE project.

      Unfortunately the programm is unstable, very often i have the message "not responding", especcially when I load

      projects and when i try to save my project. Also the programm working very -very slow.

      Help, can someone help me? Iam very-very-very dissapointed and iam thinking if i have to try another programm.........

      any help is accepted..............