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    XML node value reference inside MXML syntax




      I got tooltips, which text is provided by xml file. The xml structure goes like this:


      <myButton>this is text for the toolTip</myButton>
      <myHBox>this is another text for the toolTip</myHBox>


      And I assign text to the tool tip in actionscript, like this:


      myButton.toolTip = myXML[myButton.id]
      myHBox.toolTip = myXML[myHBox.id]

      I was wondering if there is a way of assigning toolTip text inside MXML syntax. Right now it doesn't work becouse of the square parentheses [ ].

      When I do this:


      <Button id="myButton" toolTip="{myXML[myButton.id]}"


      I got error: Data binding will not be able to detect changes when using square bracket operator.