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      I have a regular expression from which I want to validate a String.   I can get this to work in Java but not in Flex.


      The Flex (Actionscript) code is:


      var stringToCheck:String = "someString";

      var pattern:RegExp =  new RegExp("([A-Z]|[a-z]|\\*|@|[0-9]|_|$|\\-)*");


      This always returns 0 regardless of the input string.


      What I am hoping is that I can determine if I have a valid string such as 'thisIsValid' or an invalid string such as 'this#is#invalid'


      I have also created another simple test, which I can't get to work:


      var pattern:RegExp =  new RegExp("([A-Z])*");
      if(pattern.test(inputMe.text)) {
          trace("MATCH " + inputMe.text);           
      } else {
          trace("NO MATCH " + inputMe.text);   

      trace(inputMe.text + " - " + inputMe.text.search(pattern));


      pattern.test is always true, regardless of the input string, and inputMe.text.search(pattern) always returns 0, regardless of input string (including no input string!)


      Clearly I don't understand how RegEx works in flex, as I always seem to get exactly the same result regardless of expression or input string.  Any help of this would be much appreciated.