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    Does anyone use OPACITY in PPRO?

    shooternz Level 6

      Does anyone else actually use fixed clip OPACITY  effect in PPRO?


      I am sure many do and especially now it has the fantastic Blend Mode Functions attached.  I use a lot of Opacity Effects on every edit I do.


      If you do so also...please tell me how you manage  with out being completely driven crazy by the insane Automatic placement of key frames as soon as it is adjusted.


      Jeff Bellune once informed me that this behaviour is fundamental to PPRO and it can not be done any other way without busting PPRo functionality.


      I have never heard any supporting evidence of this.


      Please Adobe guys... also chime in here on this one.  Whats the logic in auto key framing OPACITY and none of the other fixed clip effects?


      Frustration Example 1:


      Opacity is something one has to set then scrub to see the effect of the setting.  If one wishes to re adjust it..one must precisely locate the original keyframe to delete and or adjust it. Otherwise...another is added and usually somewhere down the clip where it can be forgotten.


      Frustration Example 2:


      Setting opacity on a clip that has transitions means one can not see the Opacity effect on the first  and last frames of a clip. It must be set  after or preceding the transition.


      Frustration Example 3:


      Try rolling  a timeline or  clip through to trial the exact Blend Mode in combination with an Opacity setting and watch the keyframes build up.




      For Instance:

      After Effects does not apply an automatic  first key frame on Opacity (or anything) untill the first is set with the stopwatch ( which is logical and convenient).  I do not and never have understood why PPRo does it differently.



      Some one please convince me that Auto Keyframes for Opacity is anything but... slow, time wasting, inconvenient inconsistent and  illogical.