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    Impressario 4 and asian/double-byte Text? (D11.5)

    Blik Revil Level 1

      Hi there,


      I was just wondering - is it really not possible to insert asian (chinese, japanese) text dynamically into PDF form fields? INM is quite vague about that... So far I haven't succeeded yet, I'm using the setFields() function..


      Can anybody here clarify this matter?


      I use the newest version of Valentina to read Strings from a database and I would like to fill a PDF with these texts. Right now just chinese, but japanese would be nice as well.


      I'm using D11.5 with the latest patch, Impressario 4.0.0 and Windows (XP, 7). In Director itself, all textfields are working fine, it's just the PDF. The Form fields are using Arial Unicode MS.


      Thanks in advance!