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    Stepped Spark List / Group

    daslicht Level 2


      currently I have a List with a Custom ItemRenderer and a Scrollbar with step interval set to the ItemRenderers height.

      I als implemented a Transition for the list items for 'smooth snapping'.


      Something like this:

      A = the List height

      B = the height of the itemRenderer

      and the Snap interval is also B


      A   B

      |     |



      Basicly what I want top achive, is a "magnetic" (snapping) kind of scrolling.


      Now here comes my question, when I enable snapping and only have a low amount of Items , the jumps of the Scrollbar are quite huge.


      Is there a way to just enable snapping for the Items in the list and not for the scrollbar ?


      Basicly I just have to start the transition once the Slider reached a threshold, no?!


      Any hints, suggestions on that topic *please* ?