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    Audiotracks in Pre CS5




      I captured two tapes with my camcorder (PAL 16:9 dv) with my Mac book pro and transfered the files via a HD to my Imac where I'm editing and imported to Pre cs 5. I wonder why the clips comes in with 4 audiotracks to the timeline? Is it supposed to do this?


      Now then, if not, I would want to remove the 3 tracks that are not needed, but I would want to re-link the unlinked files, or is there a better way?


      Thanks for any help!

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          What program did you use to capture with?

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            videomies Level 1



            I captured with Pre Pro CS 5 and also edit with it. I used my laptop because the right kind of firewire cable. Then i moved all mov-files to a external hd and imported via it to my Imac. Both are running osx 10.6. Can I send a screenshot somehow? I was very familiar with premiere, was it 6 or 7, before the Pro versions, but it has changed quite a lot since then so I might ask stupid questions, sorry for that. I bought production bundle cs 3 some years ago but had very little use to premiere for a while and now i upgraded it and would need it again...but it seems that I have to study some tricks.



            br, v-

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              Jim_Simon Level 8



              At this point, I can't think of any possible way for Premiere to capture four audio tracks from DV.  On the face of it, the problem you report simply cannot exist.  Yet you say it does.  There are a couple explanations for that.


              1. Observer error.  Either you have observed something incorrectly, or have reported it here incorrectly, or have left out critical information.

              2. An unknown bug in your setup.


              While 2 does occasionally happen and is certainly possible here, I'd like to explore 1 first to completely eliminate it.


              To begin with, was the media actually recorded to tape using all four channels at 12 bit, or just the normal two at 16 bit?

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                videomies Level 1



                First; Thanks for your help!


                I choose a 16:9 pal dv project as it is as default. The timeline got 3 videotracks (video 1-3) and 8 audiotracks (audio 1-7 + master). When i drag an imported clip to the timeline, video appears on one track and audio appears on four tracks, in this case on audio 4,5,6 and 7. It seems weird to me, but it might be that there is something I'm missing or do wrong.


                Unfortonately I don't know what device was used to capture this video. I got it on DV-tape from my client and imported it with an Sony TRV 25 DV camera. I saw a glimse of the camera on one clip via a mirror and it looked like a small Canon DV camera. Since we are in europe, I suppose it is PAL 16-bit 48 KHZ. 


                One more question meanwhile: Is there a way to re-link clips or link an audiofile with videofile (for example linkin sync when using separate audiorecorder)?

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                  Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Can you make a screendump.

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                    shooternz Level 6

                    How ever it happened is of no real consequence because its easy to fix.


                    Select all the clips in your project bin.


                    Clip> Modify> Audio Mapping  and map the audio as you wish  from the options shown.

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                      videomies Level 1

                      Screen shot.png




                      One more thing about my workflow if this would help: I captured the files one tape at the time and let Premiere detect new scenes.


                      Thanks again all! The tip shooternz gave is a good one. Only problem is that when I have the clips on the timeline I can't do the modyfying. I have spent a few days already editing this, so it does not feel comfortable removing all clips on the timeline. When I tried this tip on a clip that was not on the timeline it showed 4 chanels in mono, and I then changed it to 1 chanel stereo. It worked fine as long as the clip was not on the timeline.


                      I encountered an other problem also. I tried to add music to the film and even if there are several free audiotracks I can't put int on a free track, because premiere tries to put it on one of the tracks on the film.


                      Now on the screenshot you can se the beginning of the film. On the first clip I have removed manually the not needed audio files and then there is on the next clip how the rest of them appear. I could do this manually for the rest of the clips, but I would like to keep them linked for further editing.

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                        Colin Brougham Level 6

                        You can simply mute the tracks (click the little speaker icon in the track header where it says Audio 1, Audio 2, and so on), and they won't be played into the final mix. However, if you want to get rid of all of the audio portions you don't want, try the following:


                        1. Lock all the tracks that have material you want to keep; this would include your video tracks, and Audio 1 based on your screenshot. The lock toggle is here: track-lock.png
                        2. Press the "A" key or select the Track Select Tool.
                        3. At the beginning of your sequence, hold down Shift and click; this will select all the clip portions on all unlocked tracks.
                        4. Press the Delete key.


                        This will remove all the audio portions you don't want. When you unlock the tracks, the video and audio portions will remain linked. In the future, you might want to look at track targeting when you edit. Look here for more information on this process: Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 * Targeting tracks


                        I encountered an other problem also. I tried to add music to the film and even if there are several free audiotracks I can't put int on a free track, because premiere tries to put it on one of the tracks on the film.


                        Your music is probably stereo, and the tracks in your sequence are mono. Either drag the music to the space below the existing tracks, and a new stereo track will be created, or right-click in the track headers and select Add Tracks. Add as many stereo tracks as you need, and then you'll be able to edit the music clip into one of the new stereo tracks.

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