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    Sound not working


      Sound had suddenly stopped working in Flash. It has been working fine for years, but this morning YouTube was silent.


      Obvious bugs first:

      * I know my sound still works because other applications can make sound

      * The YouTube volume is turned all the way up

      * The system volume is turned all the way up and enabled


      I'm using:

      * Windows XP

      * Firefox version 3.5.2

      * Flash 10,1,82,76


      There is no sound on:

      * YouTube

      * Other video sites

      * Myspace audio (doesn't even pretend to play).

      * BBC iPlayer


      I have tried:

      * Rebooting

      * Turning it off and on again

      * Installing Google Chrome (doesn't work on that either)

      * Uninstalling Flash and re-installing (twice)

      * Uninstalling my Realtek Audio drivers and re-installing

      * Plugging my headphones into every socket on my PC.



      I'm at a loss. Any ideas what to try next?


      Many thanks


      Hugo Elias