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    Flex inside a existing website

      Sorry for my english.... i'm from brasil.
      Actually i'm inside a huge project. The website is a webportal for brazilian mining insdutry. The index of this webportal is finished in HTML, JS and CSS... and database is also finished and had 33 tables. (to see the layout enter brasilminingsite).

      In last month i'm study flex to much and now i'm want use flex inside this project... Is good idea create many swf's in flex and incorporate this in existing html page? Or is better way recreate all site in flex?
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          ntsiii Level 3
          There is no simple answer. I suggest that you group related functionality into a given application. Such that the user may spend most of their time within a given application or module.

          Creating single "pages" with Flex is a waste of the technology, but having a flex application within a larger html framework is fine.

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            danielvlopes Level 1
            Hum... understood. In this case, webportal is subdivided in 7 modules (headlines, articles, business, events, mining, contact, links) and this modules are subdivided in other mini-modules like articles subdivided in technician articles, internet articles and health articles. My menu had link to this mini-modules(popup menu). I want know how link the html+js menu to mini-module of one module?

            I think i will divide in this 7 modules and make one flex application for each module .
            How my flex application module (example: articles) know the user was clicked in sub-menu health articles and show only health articles?

            it forgives me if well it is not written… My english is good only to read.
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              ntsiii Level 3
              You communicate between a html page and a Flex app several ways. One is "flashvars", the other is ExternalInterface.

              Typically, yo use flashvars to pass initial data into Flex on start up of the Flex app, and you use ExternalInterface for interactive communication between Flex and the html wrapper (javascript).

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                danielvlopes Level 1
                Hummm. Flashvar i'm was used in flash... i will try this. Thanks for the help.
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                  ntsiii Level 3
                  The syntax should be the same. Access the values of the flashvars in the flex app using Application.application.parameters (an associative array, or object)