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    Freezes, Hangs, No responce, No Audio

    RudiCenturion Level 1

      What a pain in the neck CS5 prove to be. 

      NOTHING seems to work without some glitch to it.


      For now - let's talk about my problems on Premier only.


      I never had any issues with CS3 or any of the versions before that.  I've been an Premier client for more than 12 years and know my way around the software quite well.


      I am working on a i7, 64bit, HP machine, 4gig RAM, and a Nvidia Quadro FX 3800 graphix card.  The spec is much, MUCH more than required.



      Premier CS5 starts up fast,

      Open my project with no problem and rather fast,

      I go back and forth through footage - play nicely,

      I join two scenes in track 1 and copy a 10 second piece of footage from another scene to put in track 2 right above the seam where the first 2 scenes joins.

      OOPS - CS5 Hangs...  save my project, reboot, and re-open CS5.

      Footage before the edited piece (see above) plays okay. the moment it hits that spot in my time line - CS5 hangs again.

      So I delete the 10 second piece of footage in track 2 and re-save my project with a new name.


      I copy and paste the 10 second piece into track 2 right above where the two tracks in layer 1 meets.  Now it plays perfectly... OH WAIT... now it only plays the sound for 2 seconds and then quiet but the footage is perfect and still playing...


      And then all of a sudden a dialog window pops up and ask me "Where is the File 'So and So' with the red "MEDIA OFFLINE" screen where my footage was a minute ago....


      I paid a lot of money for the Production Premium and expect it to work - NOT BY TRIAL AND ERROR - But work the way it is supposed to.  I am loosing time and money as I cannot deliver on my work.  Who can I contact to sort this out as I am done with reading through tons and tons of discussions and forums...


      PS: And YES I have downloaded the latest updates - which caused my drivers to not be recognised after that....