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    DDA* compliancy - Touch Up Reading Order Fixes?


      I've noticed a number of threads about TURO and Macs and how even if the InDesign structure is correct, with proper tagging (and correct exporting of the file to PDF),  the reading order is still wrong in Acrobat and needs re-ordering.


      If you can make thes changes in Acrobat that's fine, but in an automated system using InDesign server and a 3rd Party Pdf generator with Acrobat Distiller Settings, any DDA compliancy must be built in at that stage. For us, working on a Royal Mail account, we had to find solutions, including getting the RO right. We could get it to read from the structure, but in Acrobat the results even with tagging, were unreliable. We should add, that we are also using variable copy boxes brought in as XML data, just to complicate things.


      I would love to know of other solutions, but one fix that has worked for me on our Royal Mail work is this:


      In Indesign, reorder ALL the objects on page using send to back, starting with the last object on page you wish read, continuing until the object you want read first in acrobat is sent to the back last in InDesign. The result is that the Reading order is correct in Acrobat. Obviously, any object additions to a page means re-ordering the whole page. Changing copy doesn't affect this. Also, the order of objects on a page has no relationship to the page structure. It appears that the object reading order is as objects are added to page. Ist added (and furthest back), 1st read, last added (nearest front), last read. Shuffling the objects in the Document Structure pane has no effect on this order (and vice-versa).


      Hope this helps someone else... and if you have other ways to get InDesign to tag/read correctly or so that it can be navigated with the Tab key in PDF let me know, i haven't found answers yet that work in InDesign, only by additional editing in Acrobat.





      * Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) UK


      This is also posted on the mac form... I've tested this using both Mac and WIN InDesign. The InDesign Server and Adobe Partner Solution are WIN based.