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    Convincing my employer to build a system.

    JaysonM-Y Level 3

      Yar, so it's 4 of us; Boss#1(handles the money and other 'business' related stuff), Boss #2(Directing, Creative, Editing) and another dude(in editing training) and myself(full time). Boss#2 and Dudeintraining both uses Premier, I use FCP and Premier. I currently have the only Mac workstation but Boss#1 wants to streamline the business by using all Macs for the sake of workflow, media and allowing them to network etc. An order which I believe at this moment will be excessively costly for NO REASON. I loved Apple till their recent drop of crap(pro-line cept the imac sucks). I've got a few things noted for my argument against such an expensive venture:

      1. Expensive

      2. Underperform with CS5

      3. Expensive


      .... That's about it.. LOL if it didn't have those major factors I'd have easily said yes to the order. I need a bit more added to the list if you guys wouldn't mind.