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    CS5 5.0.2 Update - Transitions not Working

    Jarr1976 Level 1

      So I just auto updated to Premiere CS5.0.2.  For the most part everything seems to work ok.


      I have an nVidia 285GTX based graphics card so I use the GPU Mercury Playback Engine.


      However, any time I try and use one of the accelerated video transitions (dip to black, dip to white, etc) I do not see the video from the two clips I have applied it to (just whatever is under that on the timeline--the next video track).


      If I switch from Mercury GPU accelerated to the Software Renderer, then I can see the accelerated transitions just fine.


      nVidia graphics card: 285GTX

      Driver:  258.96

      Windows 7 64bit

      12GB Ram


      Help.  Thanks,