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    Too Many Activations...why is this still a problem?


      So to make a long story short, I downloaded ADE onto my computer last week, everytime I open ADE from the same computer I get the message to authorize the computer which I have done, today I get the message that I have too many activations. Starting poking around these forums and other websites and have found that this is a pretty common problem and there seems to be no easy fix. I can't figure why Adobe does not have any easy fix for what seems to have been a problem with ADE for a couple of years? It seems to me that at this point it should be a matter of a simple phone call, silly me. First you have to get someone on the phone that speaks good english...


      Anyone I put in my service ticket made three phone calls before I got someone that I could understand and of course he has no clue what to do. I just find that weird considering this seems to be a pretty common problem. Mostly I am just aggravated and venting. Any thoughts on this situation?