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    Draw Circle tool

    simkopp Level 1

      I am currently working myself deeper in the techniques of drawing and painting with Photoshop and while drawing I always encounter one problem: Drawing a circle. There are several workarounds for that:


      * Select circle, Border1 and fill

      * Make a circle as a form and place

      * Make a circle as a brush and draw it

      * Make a circle with a pass and fill path with brush


      But all of these seem to me just like workarounds and hinder me in my workflow. My suggestion would be a more simple, more fluent way. Photoshop can draw lines vertical and horizontal to the screen, my suggestion is not very different. My proposition is:


      * Hold a desired hotkey (like q or something) over the complete operation

      * Click where the midpoint of the circle is supposed to be

      * Click and hold again in the desired radius and draw your circle.


      This would work like drawing a line, you just draw a circle. This would give the user full control over the brush with sensitivity. That would be first of all faster and more intuitive than all the listed ways of drawing a circle and as mentioned you wouldn't lose any control over your brushsensitivity and options, while you can just simulate pen pressure with path filling.


      Thats it for now, any comments or amendments are welcome.


      Simon Kopp


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          Gyno-jiz Level 5

          Simon: be sure to check out alt-shift (PC) or option-shift (Mac) and dragging while using the ellipse shape tool. Almost exactly what you're looking for.

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            simkopp Level 1

            Thanks for the answer, but no, its not what I am aiming for.

            I want a tool that does not need to change away from the Brushtool. The most important part in this suggestion is the use of the brushtool and all of its benefits. You can't go with custom brushes with the shapetool. You would have to go with the path tool and that is more timeconsuming than just to hold a key, click, click again and draw. Way more intuitive.

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              Reynolds (Mark) Level 4

              Once again Simkopp, the feature that you are asking for already exists. Actually in two ways…


              • Just using a hard round brush, which can be easily resized holding down your Control (mac) and Alt key, will draw a circle of any size. Tool presets can be made up for brushes, and swapped in any way. Even with keyboard shortcuts.


              • While you are still using the brush tool you can hold down the U key. This will temporarily activate the Ellipse tool, if you set it that way. Choosing this option Picture 21.png makes a solid shape. If you want that shortcut changed (so you can also hold shift to constrain the circle) you can do so easily in Keyboard shortcuts.

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                simkopp Level 1

                No, that is not what I am looking for. I am looking for a solution to draw a circle, not a filled circle. Just an outline at the size of my brush in an easy way. I tried your stuff and I figured you meant by circle a filled one. That is easy to do with a round brush, sure thing, but I want to draw the outline of at desired radius with a brush, not consisting of a brush. There is no solution for that in Photoshop, no easy one.

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                  Reynolds (Mark) Level 4

                  If thats what you want, then Custom Shape tool or Layer Effects- Stroke. If you actually want a Photoshop to behave like a vector Application then you should get hold of one. 

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                    simkopp Level 1

                    Thank you Mark, but I dont want it that way. I dont want to change the tool to another, I want to stick with the Brushtool and just hold a button and draw a perfect circle with my brush. It is not in PS yet, it would have just be done new. I dont want no vector stuff, I just want to draw a circle with the brush tool. Fast and easy!


                    Nice try for helping out, but it has to be a new feature because it doesnt exist like this right now. All you suggest are workarounds and them I know enough. My idea is just quicker and more easy.

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                      PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

                      Ok, and how do you envision drawing an ellipse, a rectangle, a rounded rectangle, or any other shape with the current brush?

                      Using down more buttons?


                      That's why you receive workarounds, because your FR is not "doable" without taking care of the myriad of sub-requests that you did not envision...