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    Connection key compatibility problem between Mac and Windows


      I'm wondering if anyone has had this problem and came up with a work-around?


      We are rolling out Contribute CS5 to some employees.


      The designers (I'm one of them) are all on Macs. Everyone else is on Windows XP.


      We are connecting to our sites via local/network. IT didn't want to set up FTP (I won't go into why right now).


      So, here is where the problem is... We set up the site and do the first connection on our Macs. Then when we send out a site key, to a Windows user, the key is no good. This is because Macs handle paths to network shares differently than Windows does.


      I thought the solution would be to customize the key with the Windows share path before sending it to the Windows users. However, Contribute wants to verify the path before letting me continute to make a customized key. And that is where I'm stuck. Is there a solution to this - besides switching to FTP?