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    Selected Values

    Mortimer Snerd
      I am using a tree control that is being populated by a web service method call. An object array is returned to flex from the method. The objects each have multiple attributes. I am creating an array within flex from the returned objects, and creating children in the array from the object attributes. Each entry in the array is being specified as "label". The array is then specified as the dataprovider of the tree control and the labelField is assigned the "field" specification of the array. My problem is that I would like to specify another attribute of the object as the selected Value of the tree, other than the "label". I want the tree to display the "field" value but pass the second value when it is selected. I know I can create a second array variable and assign the desired attribute to it in the array creation, but my question is how do I reference that value in the tree as the selected value. Hope that makes sense?